Hilton Clarke

Hilton Clarke

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5' 9"





Current Residence

Santa Monica, CA

Strengths on the Bike


Pro Since


Previous Teams

2001: Netzero
2002: Schroeder Iron
2003: Barloworld
2004: Cyclingnews.com
2005 - 2007: Navigators Insurance
2008: Toyota United
2009: Fuji Servetto
2010: UnitedHealthcare

Rider Bio

In the sport of professional cycling, UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team rider, Hilton Clarke’s name speaks for itself. Overall winner of both the USA Cycling 2013 and 2012 National Criterium Calendar (NCC) Individual Titles, and the 2013 USA CRITS Series Individual Champion Title, the veteran sprinter from Australia who now resides in Santa Monica, California, is a force to be reckoned with in any criterium race in which he competes.


One of the most valuable members of the UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team and one of the most dominant in the sport, Clarke is a regular on the podium, often winning the majority of his US races. Clarke is also a consummate teammate and his efforts to ensure the team is aligned strategically heading into any Criterium also helped his Team secure the 2013 and 2012 NCC team titles as well as the 2013 USA CRITS team title.


In 2013, Clarke claimed victory in nearly 10 races, winning (among others) the Presbyterian Hospital Invitational Criterium, the Tampa Cigar City Criterium, the Delray Beach Criterium, the Herman Miller Brickyard Criterium, the Tour of Somerville, the Downtown Walterboro Criterium, and the Andersen Banducci Twilight Criterium. In addition, Clarke’s total number of podium finishes reached 21 in 2013, giving him a grand total of 39 top three finishes in three years (21 times in 2013, 8 times in 2012, and 10 times in 2011).


One of the best criterium racers in the sport and a leader in the discipline, Clarke heads into his 14th year as a professional looking to add to his numerous commanding wins in North America which have established him as a wheel to follow in every bunch sprint finish.

Career Highlights >>

1st    Tampa Cigar City Criterium
1st     Delray Beach Twilight Criterium
1st     Presbyterian Hospital Invitational Criterium
1st     Downtown Walterboro Criterium
1st     Tour of Somerville (Somerville Criterium)
1st     Herman Miller Brickyard Criterium
1st     Andersen Banducci Twilight Criterium
1st     Tour of Somerville
2nd     Overall SpeedWeek
2nd    Las Vegas Criterium
2nd     Roswell Criterium
2nd     Wilmington Criterium
2nd     Tour of America’s Dairyland, Day 1
2nd    Tour of America’s Dairyland, Day 3
2nd     Lake Bluff Criterium, Tour of Elk Grove
3rd     Tour of America’s Dairyland, Day 2
3rd     Tour of America’s Dairyland, Day 4
3rd    Basking Ridge Criterium
3rd    Sunny King Criterium
3rd     Tour de Grove

Winner, NCC Individual Title
4th, TD Bank Mayor’s Cup
3rd, BC Superweek Criterium
3rd, Manhattan Beach Grand Prix Criterium
1st, Boise Twilight Criterium
2nd, Air Force Cycling Classic Crystal City Cup
12th, Stage 1, Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey
1st, Presbyterian Hospital Invitational Hospital Criterium
1st, Cigar City Brewing Company Criterium


1st Beaufort Memorial Cycling Classic
1st U.S. Air Force Clarendon Cup
1st Stage 3 Tour of Elk Grove  2nd Historic Roswell Criterium
2nd Downtown Walterboro Criterium
2nd Basecamp Basking Ridge Twilight Criterium
2nd U.S. Air Force Crystal City Classic
2nd Stage 2, Nature Valley Grand Prix
3rd Spartanburg Regional Classic
3rd Sandy Springs Challenge


1st Stage 2, Redlands Bicycle Classic
1st Stage 3, San Dimas Stage Race
2nd Sunny King Criterium
2nd Stage 2, Tour de Murietta
3rd Merco Cycling Classic Downtown Grand Prix


1st Launceston International Classic
17 wins


1st USPRO Criterium Championships


1st Sprint Competition Herald Sun Tour

2012 TD Bank Mayor's CupClarke Brothers  showed true UHC racing spirit.-Men's Race-Giro di Burnaby-BCSuperweek 2012H Clarke-Into turn-Men's Race-UBC Grand Prix-BCSuperweek 2012H Clarke, Post Podium-Men's Race-UBC Grand Prix-BCSuperweek 2012H Clarke, 3rd on Podium-Men's Race-UBC Grand Prix-BCSuperweek 2012H.Clarke-Winning sprint for third-Men's Race-UBC Grand Prix-BCSuperweek 2012J Clarke-Men's Race-Giro di Burnaby-BCSuperweek 2012J Clarke-Men's Race-Gastown Grand Prix-BCSuperweek 2012J Clarke Water Street Hairpin-Men's Race-Gastown Grand Prix-BCSuperweek 2012Clarkes post race-Men's Race-Giro di Burnaby-BCSuperweek 2012H Clarke on Podium-Men's Race-Giro di Burnaby-BCSuperweek 2012H Clarke-Call up-Men's Race-UBC Grand Prix-BCSuperweek 2012J Clarke-Gassy Jack Turn-Men's Race-Gastown Grand Prix-BCSuperweek 2012Clarke Brothers-Chasing the breakaway-Men's Race-UBC Grand Prix-BCSuperweek 20122012 TD Bank Mayor's Cup2012 TD Bank Mayor's Cup2012 TD Bank Mayor's Cup2012 TD Bank Mayor's Cup2012 TD Bank Mayor's Cupthe breakaway

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